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We use Tapestry to provide a learning journey for your children. It will be set up when your child joins and will run through to the day they leave.

This is an interactive service that a lot of settings use. We will us to track your child’s development and achievements throughout their time with us, with supporting photos. We will upload observations and assessments which allow us to track their development against the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Seven Areas of Learning and track their next steps, these will also be discussed with you at drop off/handover with your key worker. 


In addition we aim to upload the activity of the day for each room so you get to see a little more of what we do. 


This tool can also be updated by yourselves, should you have a family event, or want to show something off your child has achieved, we encourage you to use it. This allows us to share these moments and talk to your children about these. We had one child recently who was a flower girl at a wedding and she loved it when Mummy uploaded the photos of her in her dress so she could show all her friends! 

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