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Fees and Invoicing


We aim to provide affordable, accessible childcare for our local community. 


We will schedule your child in for their regular scheduled sessions, and where possible, with suitable notice we will always aim to be flexible by accepting children for additional 'extra' sessions. Invoices are processed at the start of each month, and we request these are settled within 10 days of receipt. Your monthly invoice will be issued based on your scheduled sessions for the month, i.e. January invoice for January sessions, plus an extras for the previous month. 

Our Charges

Fox Club


This is our wrap around childcare for the children of AWGS, this can be scheduled in as a regular pattern or we usually have capacity for one off sessions should you need it. You will need to advise both us and AWGS that your child is scheduled to come over. A teacher will then walk the children over at 3.15pm. We offer three sessions, one hour (collection at 4.15pm) for £6.00 or the Extended session (collection at 5.30pm) for £13.50. We also offer the After-club session, so a child can come over after their school club at 4.30pm. This is also £6. A light snack will be provided as part of this, and we have a range of crafts and activities suitable for our older children or we play games in the garden. This service is open until your child leaves AWGS. 

Carrying Pencil
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