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SEN Support


We pride ourselves on having a lot of years of experience under our roof! With some having been in childcare for more then 30 years! 

We are also passionate about our children and as key workers build strong bonds so we know your children well. This allows us to see any gaps in their development which we aim to pick up as early as we can so we can provide additional support for both you and your child and get this in place before they start school. 

If we feel your child needs additional support we will discuss this with you and we can help to arrange additional support for physical delays, Speech and language needs or any referrals and/or assessments for any wider delays. We have a great relationship with our wider community allowing us to seek support form a range of services. We also have a resident Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator who has 25 years experience under her belt and can provide additional support. 

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