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Our History

By Bridget Wort

In the early ‘60’s’ the first playgroup was started in the village hall by Mrs Brenda Witt. Then Mrs Stacey and Mrs Marks started to operate on a regular basis for 3-5 year olds. Three mornings a week. 


After they retired, many leaders followed and when I returned to Alderbury I started as a helper then took over as leader in approx. 1985, we then opened five mornings a week. 


We continued in the village hall until 1993 where all the equipment had to be erected and dismantled daily, the number of children at each session was 24. When the school in Firs Road opened the old school mobile became available. This was purchased from Wilts County Council for £200 with a rent to Longford estate of £300 per year. 


Much work was required, kitchen and toilets were installed and this was achieved by village support, including donations of a sink, refrigerator, cooker and other various items. The swimming pool was filled in and the ‘changing hut’ turned into a large compound for rabbits in which the children could sit and interact with hence the Rabbit logo!


Also the actual building was decorated outside with Disney characters, painted by two art students, bright and cheerful but apparently against the rules, although it was allowed to stay. 


At this stage the preschool was now open 9.15am-2.45pm daily with 20 children per session. 


After a ‘Good’ OFSTED report in 1997 I decided to leave but remained a trustee for a good many years. Pauline Fry who had been part of the team for many years took over the reins as leader, assisted by Jenny Day and then Pam. 


When we opened the mobile at School Hill Mrs Stacey Day and Mrs Marks came and did the official opening, which was wonderful as it was these two ladies who started it originally.  

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