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About Us


We are a committee led charity preschool. Our committee is made up of a wonderful group of parent and committee helpers, who are there to offer guidance and support to us to ensure we are running the preschool effectively. 

As a charity, we rely heavily on support from parents and the community with fundraising and donations of toys and equipment. We also ensure that everything we earn above the key running costs is invested back into our children and the setting. 

As a result of this, we are able to be individual and tailor our care to our families. We don't have to apply a 'one size fits all' method instead we focus on a family feel, adapting ourselves to your child's needs and ensuing they arrive and go home happy & healthy. 

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We currently have around 29 children in on any day and have two focused rooms for babies age 6 months until 2.5 years and then the preschool room from 3 until they leave for school. 


We are a free flow setting, and encourage our children to move between the areas we have to offer dependent on their interests at the time, we encourage a mixture of play in all areas and have a balance between adult and child led activities. 


We are in the process of having a new brick building constructed which will be situated on the school field adjacent to our current gardens. This will allow us to increase our daily capacity from 29 to 42 children and we will also have three focused rooms. Babies for age 1 and under. Toddlers for 2-3 years and Preschool for Age 3-4 years. This will allow us to focus our resources and tailor the rooms and activities to the needs of the specific age groups. 

We open 7.45am - 5.30pm and within these times we offer wrap around care for the children of Alderbury & West Grimstead school in the forms of an After School Club taking them directly from school at 3.15pm until close. 

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