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"L has learnt so many new skills since starting Preschool and it's lovely having peace of mind that he's so well looked after. Thank you so much!"

Mum to L

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"Alderbury Preschool is the perfect foundation for a child's education. Newly immigrated, my daughter started at the preschool in 2019 and it was the best decision we could have made. She absolutely flourished under the care of the wonderful staff. When she started in Reception, she was a confident, happy and independent little girl. Fast forward to 2021 when my son started at the preschool and we feel so blessed that he gets to experience the same wonderful, nurturing environment that our daughter did! "

Mum to A&A

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"Alderbury Preschool has provided amazing care to our daughter over the past year. 


The staff are so passionate and friendly, we know she is in brilliant hands. It feels like a big family! 


Her language and communication skills have improved so much, and she enjoys learning new skills, playing with others and exploring all kinds of different activities including baking and painting."

Mum and Dad to O

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